General Information

The convention is dedicated to the phenomenon of movement in its entire breadth of expressions. Its focus will be processuality of movement, motivation, emotion and communication in different areas of experience (among others: philosophy of body, intersubjectivity, psychological and psychotherapeutic experience, sport, dance, language). Both perspectives of moving and being-moved will be taken into account: not just as physical phenomena, but also as inner and outer movements of development.

Psychologists, linguists, philosophers, phenomenologists, anthropologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, educational and social scientists, but also sports scientists, biologists, physicists and science theorists as well as artists are welcome to contribute. The conference program will include events, plenary lectures, working groups and poster sessions.

In such interdisciplinary exchange we will discuss the relevance of Gestalt theory for dynamic processes and processuality research.

The conference languages are English and German.